The Tomb Tones (1st Time Musical Guests)

Straight outta their graves in Atlanta and making their first appearance at Savannah's Vampire Ball (2021), THE TOMB TONES will trick or treat your ears to a witch’s brew of hokey horror references, infectious hooks, and spooky storytelling that’s oozing with novelty Halloween punk rock sweetness.

Drawing inspiration from classic favorites like The Cramps, The Ramones, and the B-52s, THE TOMB TONES have made their own monster by realizing a spooktacular vision for a cartoonish Buddy-Holly-meets-The-Twilight-Zone aesthetic.

With original songs like "Dracula's Brother", "My Girlfriend's A Zombie", "Party At Horror Beach", and "Monster Movie" most anyone will realize why this creepy trio is a perfect fit for Savannah's 2021 annual VAMPIRE BALL (21+) on Oct. 16th at Ghost Coast Distillery.

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