REFUND / ROLL OVER / TRANSFER (due to reschedule)

There are 3 OPTIONS for what existing Eventbrite ticket holders can do with their advanced tickets since organizers opted to postpone the Savannah Vampire Ball until Oct. 15, 2022:

Adv. Ticket holders to the Savannah VAMPIRE BALL can click the above button to fill out the accompanying form. NOTE After March 1st, 2022 all existing/remaining Evenbrtite tickets will be rolled over to the 2022 VAMPIRE BALL on Oct. 15th.

1) ROLL OVER: If you still want to attend the VAMPIRE BALL on the rescheduled date of Oct. 15th, 2022 we can roll over your Evenbrite tickets. The event will still be hosted at Ghost Coast Distillery (21+). The Tomb Tones still plan to headline the event.

2) TRANSFER: If you don't want to wait until next Fall to enjoy a Markster Con event in Savannah, we encourage you to transfer your existing Eventbrite tickets to the GATSBY GALA on April 23rd, 2022. Join us as we take a trip back 100 years to the 1920s when having a party in a Distillery was a thing of dreams. Break out the 1920's fashions for a party unlike the city has seen for decades. There will be1920s era music, photo ops, food, dancing, and locally made booze by Ghost Coast Distillery.

3) FULL REFUND: We can offer a full refund if rolling over your Evenbrite tickets to the rescheduled date OR transferring them to the GATSBY GALA on April 23rd, 2022 are not of interest to you

We apologize to those who were looking forward to this popular event, those who had started to make travels plans, and figuring out what to wear. This decision did not come without many discussions concerning the safety of our attendees, the staff of the venue, as well as volunteers, and the potential obstacles we'd have to deal with in order to properly and safely host this event in 2021.