DJ Shrapnel

Music for Angels & Demons!

In between THE TOMB TONES you'll want to make sure you have your boots strapped on and your energy high as you hit the dance floor with your fellow freaks and geeks when DJ Shrapnel takes over the VAMPIRE BALL on Nov. 3rd!

DJ Shrapnel has spent over 20 years as a purveyor of fine tunes and aggressive beats up and down the East Coast. Raised on a diet of industrial, EBM, and gothic rock, he has since expanded his palate to mix in anything with a dark and sultry flavor. (Still eats industrial daily, though.) His recipes mix classic and fresh dark dance tracks with a garnish of New Wave, trip hop, and big beat, accompanied by side dishes of trance and sprinkles of (gasp) popular dance. Alongside a long-time involvement in Savannah’s nightlife, Shrapnel’s blend of flavor has been featured at Dracula's Ball (Philadelphia), Eccentrik Festival (Raleigh, NC), Purgatory (Charlotte, NC), Bloodfeast (Jacksonville), Atmosphere (Augusta, GA) and repeated joints all around Atlanta and Columbia.

Loving dance clubs but not limited by them, Shrapnel has parlayed his skills as an audio engineer and designer into providing musical accompaniment for high-profile fashion shows, cocktail parties, and theater, and is regularly called in as “the sound guy” for countless live music performances and festivals. Clients include The Savannah College of Art and Design, The Jinx, Savannah Stopover, Dragon Con’s Mechanical Masquerade, and Savannah Fashion Week.