Under The Slab (Vendor)

UNDER THE SLAB is a horror line of jewelry that was created in 2013 by husband and wife team, Bill and Lori McConnell. They hand cut there own stones to make an unique line of traditional and non traditional jewelry. Their jewelry has been featured on TV shows such as The Originials and can be seen worn on celebrities like Barbie Wilde, Simon Bamford and Caroline Williams.

UNDER THE SLAB creates beautiful stone horns, with each pair matching perfectly and made to sit comfortably on the head. The coffins they shape are done with their own designs in mind, with no two alike. With the wide spectrum of jewelry they have from horror themed to traditional, showing the beauty of the stones. You’ll be sure to find something to sink your teeth into.

Bill and Lori will be setup outside of Ghost Coast Distillery on Oct. 12th so be sure to stop by, say HELL-o and see their beautiful creatives up close and hopefully take a piece or three home.